Getting OCD Therapy Has Never Been Easier

NOCD Therapy includes video-based OCD therapy and in-between session support, right in the NOCD platform. It offers exposure and response prevention, or ERP, the most effective OCD treatment.

NOCD Therapy keeps OCD treatment simple, and most people get better within 8 weeks:

Get connected with a licensed, OCD-trained therapist right on your phone
Find out what’s going on and get your treatment plan during a live video diagnostic assessment
Do ERP, the most effective OCD treatment, with live video appointments online
Get support in-between sessions by messaging your therapist and using the platform’s functionality

Here’s How NOCD therapy goes above and beyond

General therapy* NOCD Therapy
ERP treatment model Unlikely
No Travel required
Knowledge of OCD subtypes Unlikely
Support when alone (M-F)
Insurance reimbursement* Unsure
Outcomes tracking Unsure

* General therapy is offered by a therapist without speciality training in OCD and ERP.

* NOCD therapy reimbursement depends on individual’s health insurance provider.

Learn how NOCD therapy can help you get better by booking a free phone call with our care team

Integrated ERP therapy with an OCD therapist and the NOCD platform was shown by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center to reduce OCD severity by an average of 40% in 8 weeks. NOCD brought this model to life with our online video therapy service.

"I went from an award-winning college QB to housebound in 6 months due to misdiagnosed and untreated OCD. I fortunately got OCD treatment, improved my mental health, returned to school, and finished my football career. To help millions of others with OCD regain their life, I founded NOCD."
Stephen Smith
CEO & Founder

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