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Existential OCD

Existential obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a subtype of OCD characterized by ongoing intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors related to a preoccupation with philosophical questions about life and existence. Anyone can be curious about the nature of reality, but for people with existential OCD, these thoughts are not primarily a source of curiosity or interest but rather intense anxiety. Read full article

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Common OCD Fears

What is an existential crisis? Examples, causes, how to cope

Exploring the underlying causes of an existential crisis can help us gain insight into the psychological and philosophical factors that shape our lives.
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Afraid of time passing? How to manage time anxiety

Time anxiety can be triggered by real or imagined fears of lateness, productivity, or larger worries surrounding mortality.
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“Am I dreaming?” How to handle the fear that it’s all been a dream

If it’s difficult to separate your waking from your dreaming life, you can take steps to figure out what’s going on–but you may never find answers to your biggest questions.
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Why am I constantly having dreams about dying? A therapist’s advice

When you’re disturbed by your dreams, the memory of them may affect your waking hours. Here’s how to cope.
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Could you have dementophobia? How experts make a diagnosis

If you spend a significant amount of time researching psychosis and schizophrenia, then read on for what to do about your fears.
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Is anything real? How therapists approach existential worry

These thoughts may be indicative of any one of a number of mental health issues, including several I've treated during my years as a therapist
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Fear of death: Is it OCD, thanatophobia, or something else?

As an experienced OCD specialist, I have recovered from my own struggles with OCD focused on a fear of death. Here's how you can do the same.
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What if I’m actually dead and don’t know it? A therapist’s perspective

Unanswerable questions like these can end up consuming your life. I know from experience how difficult these fears can be—and how to find relief.
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Why am I always thinking about death? What therapists say

Drawing from my experience both as an OCD specialist and someone who's struggled with these very same thoughts, here's what you should know.
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Fears about being adopted in OCD

Fears about being adopted and persistent distressing doubts about one’s origin of birth in OCD are related to the subtype of Existential OCD.
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Fear of depersonalization

People with OCD may fear that a wide range of unusual or uncomfortable sensations are a sign of depersonalization
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Fears about reincarnation

People with OCD fear of reincarnation experience obsessions related to reincarnation and the possibility of prior lives.
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Fears related to dreams

People with fear of dreaming (Dream OCD) experience obsessions about the content, meaning, or importance of their dreams.
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Fears about the afterlife

People with OCD fear of afterlife experience obsessions and compulsions related to what happens to us after we die.
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